Help Arrives

It was becoming very difficult to attend toddler groups during this time, I would have to constantly follow George and not take my eye off him in case he threw something or hit another child.  I would also have to deal with his tantrums which would strike without warning.  I received lots of comments uttered under people’s breaths and overheard many a conversation about his behaviour and my obvious lack of discipline.  Over time my confidence was being chipped away bit by bit and I was constantly questioning my parenting, wondering what people were thinking and becoming flustered when a tantrum would arrive.

One of this suggestions made to me by the leader of the parenting course whilst we waited for the referral to CAMHS to go through was to contact a charity called Home Start (, they help families with children under 5 by sending a volunteer to help out a few hours a week.  This allowed me to go to toddler groups and the volunteer would take it in turns to watch and play with George so I could give Henry someone to one attention and vice versa.  This was a huge help.

My Course leader had been supporting us during this time as a family support worker.  When the time came for her to move on it was arranged for ongoing support to be offered from the local Portage service.  We had lots of help and advice from them and were able to attend special play sessions at the children’s centre, free from judgement of others.


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