Statement of Special Educational Needs

It was clear towards the end of George’s time in nursery that he would need more help in Reception, the school applied for a Statement of Special Educational Needs.  George was turned down without even being seen.  Another battle to get him the help he needed. I was beginning to become frustrated now, since George was a toddler I seem to have been shouting for help and being dismissed as a bad parent.  George was different, it was clear to everyone that encountered him, apart from those who could help him it would seem.

I contacted the parent partnership officer, he visited the house and to my horror spent the entire time being pelted with missiles from George and witnessed his full rage.  He swiftly sent an email to the head of the board to insist that George is assessed for a statement.  Thankfully we were granted an appeal meeting with the head of the board and had the full support of the school.  We, along with George’s teacher and the head teacher, armed with a copy of George’s reports and his behaviour book, attended the meeting and put George’s case forward.

The school had already put a teaching assistant in place whilst we waited to hear if our appeal had been successful.  Thankfully we received a Statement of Special Educational Needs giving George the support he needs.  At least he could make some progress now help was in place.


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