Plodding Along

We began to give up on ever getting a diagnosis for George. After a long time of attending family therapy and not getting anywhere we had another meeting with CAMHS and they recommended George attend 12 to 18 months of one to one psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a resource that is usually very hard to access, alongside this we would have twice monthly meetings with a therapist to discuss how things were going. We took them up on this offer, anything to finally understand George’s world. It’s very hard to help someone when you don’t know what they are thinking, never knowing if their actions are deliberate and need sanctions imposed or a symptom of something else where a different approach would be better. We fumbled along never knowing if we were being too harsh on George and punishing him for things he could not help.

Lovely Land and Angry Land
George’s artwork, Lovely Land and Angry Land. The very black and white way George views the world.

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