Following the diagnosis we explained things to George and to our surprise he took the news really well.  He was confused the first few days and told everybody he had “twits”.  He was so pleased to be able to tell people “I can’t help it”, I also found the way people reacted to George changed dramatically once I was able to explain to them why he does what he does.

We read the leaflet we were given “What Makes us Tic?”, and researched the condition online.  Everything we read described George perfectly, sensory issues around clothes, need for sensory stimulation, sudden extreme rages, OCD type symptoms and sleep issues.  I cannot believe nobody made the connection.

We asked at our next appointment, if ,  given the fact a very high number of children with tourettes (figures quoted range between the 80% and 96%) have ADHD George could be re-assessed, we could not believe that with the symptoms he displayed he was in the minority.  We were told no, the original report was very clear and they could not question another colleague’s diagnosis.


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