Protecting Privacy When Blogging

I have been struggling with writing posts over the past year or so, now George is older and tech savvy it is hard writing in a way that will not cause him embarrassment. There have been many ups and downs with George recently but I have felt uncomfortable writing about him.

I try and keep my blog as anonymous as possible, I never shared my page with anybody I know personally to remain anonymous. I keep photos discreet to protect the children’s privacy but I do worry it isn’t enough. It has definitely stalled my blog as I haven’t known what to write about, most of what we were going through with George was quite sensitive, particularly around his Tourettes.

Faye is very comfortable at the moment with her diagnoses and happy for me to write about her. I think being diagnosed at a younger age was a huge benefit to her and she was young enough to be less self conscious when using the various aids and tools that help her. George has never been comfortable with his diagnoses and people knowing, he refuses to use things that would help him in case he stands out.

How do other people with SEND bogs deal with these issues as their children get older? It would be a shame to stop altogether.

Going forward I am going to have to find ways to overcome these issues and write about topics in a way the children will be comfortable with. George is at an age now where I will be able to involve him in the blog if he wants to give any input and have more control over how his story is told because at the end of the day it is not my story to tell.

If you have dealt with similar worries drop me a comment below and share how you have overcome privacy concerns.


2 thoughts on “Protecting Privacy When Blogging”

  1. Such an important discussion to have, thank you for raising it. I guess it varies from child to child… My Autistic young man is non-verbal and has little to no understanding of blogs etc. His experience of the internet is finding his favourite YouTube videos. My daughter is a good bell-weather for if I’ve shared too much.

  2. I often wonder about privacy etc..when I first started my blog I was encouraged to use real pics etc as I originally wrote for a charity that helped us..I don’t mind because I’m not a big blogger and those who read mine are mostly family and friends but as my son gets older I find myself not writing certain issues because I want him to have some privacy.he has zero awareness and understanding so he will never read my blog nor understand it but if he could understand I think I would feel different?


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