Sensory Play With Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff and Gelli Slime

We were very fortunate to be sent some sensory bah products from Zimpli Kids as they were interested in getting feedback on how their products could help sensory experiences for those with Autism. In our parcel we received a Bath Slime (Slime Baff), a Bath Jelly (Gelli Bath) and Gelli Play.

Faye is a real sensory seeker, she seeks out sensory feedback constantly. We plan lots of sensory time into our day to day activities to meets Faye’s sensory needs.

On Saturday we tried out the Slime bath, I was a little apprehensive about this as I know the mess slime causes when it gets all over the house. I was pleasantly surprised with the bath slime though. The clean up was completely effortless and was nicely contained in the bath tub.

Faye usually has quite a lot of water in her bath so the slime wasn’t as thick as it would have been if we had stuck to the recommended water level of around 8cm.

Faye spent a long time playing with the slime, adding in some bath toys half way through her bath. Faye particularly enjoyed letting the slime drip through her bath net.

The slime comes as a sachet of green powder that you simply sprinkle into the bath water. The slime takes around 10 minutes to form.

The slime remained warm so we were able to have an extended playtime. We used the slime in the morning so it was a lovely way to start the weekend and ensured it started on a calm note.

When it was time to empty the slime you simply add more water to the bath to dilute it and empty as normal. After a quick rinse Faye and the bath were lovely and clean with no residue or staining.

Today Faye had a school trip. Changes in routine are always a flash point for Faye so I decided to reduce the usual post school meltdowns we would use the Gelli Baff today.

Watching the Gelli Form

As soon as we got home we headed to the bathroom and prepared the Gelli Baff. Like the slime we simply added the powder to bath water. We stuck to the instructions this time and only used 4cm of water to begin with. The Gelli formed almost instantly creating lovely colours as the powder dissolved.

The Gelli was lovely and thick and great to pick up in big handfuls. After playing for a while we added more water which changed the consistency to a slightly different texture.

When playtime came to an end there there was a second sachet of white powder to be added, this almost instantly dissolved the Gelli back to water ready to drain away. Again, the clean up was non-existent which made me very happy.

We have one more product left to try which is the Gelli Play pack. This is similar to the Gelli Baff but comes in a smaller package designed for use in containers such as play trays, washing up bowls, sand /water trays. Faye has asked to keep hold of this one to use when the weather warms a little to use in the garden.

We really enjoyed trying out something different, these are something that we will definitely purchase in the future. One of the things we really liked was the fact it was a full body sensory experience. Faye really benefitted from being in the mixture rather than just putting her hands in. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. There are details on the instructions for the Zimpli Kids you tube channel for ideas on fun ways to use the products.

Many thanks to Zimpli who gifted these products to us to test out, we thoroughly enjoyed trying them.

Check out the Zimpli kids website for more information or find them on Facebook, Instagram Twitter or YouTube where you will find more photos and videos for sensory play inspiration.


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