Tangle Angel Sensory Hairbrush Review

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Hair brushing!!!!! The two words in our house that spark horror for everyone involved. Faye has very long hair which she loves, brushing her hair is another matter. The blood curdling screams can be heard throughout the neighbourhood every morning.

For School hair has to be put up so that helps keep in in check. During the past 10 weeks of lockdown things have got out of control in the hair department. Faye has wanted to have her hair down every day, but not brush it. This resulted in lots of knots and tangles. We spent many evenings doing a section at a time using copious amounts of conditioner until we finally had the worst of the knots out.

When I saw the tangle Angel released on Chewigem’s website I jumped at it. Faye had been saving her Chewigem credits up but when I showed her the brushes she was just as eager as I was to try them.

The brushes come in several pretty colours. We opted for the gift set which comes in Fuchsia pink with a mini version of the brush on a keyring which we thought would be ideal for attaching to Faye’s bag. We subscribe to Chewigem so used 4 of our saved credits to purchase ours.

I have tried lots of different tangle brushes and combs over the years so I did think this one would be the same as the others, I just hoped the novelty factor might help. I was pleasantly surprised when we tested it out. The bristles are lovely and soft and the different lengths of the bristles were slightly more obvious than our other brushes. We tried it a few days after our mammoth detangling session so Faye’s hair was relatively knot free, the brush went straight through her hair with no screaming or moving away from the brush. It was nothing short of a miracle. I only wish I had had it before the knots were tackled.

We have continued using the brush daily and Faye has been actively choosing to brush her hair rather than facing the long battle to get the job done. This has meant it has stayed tangle free and we even managed to trim the ends of her hair.

I think I will be using some more credits to get a few spares, I always like to have a brush in the car and these would be great to put in the swimming bag when we are eventually allowed back to swimming pools.

The Tangle Angels are available from Chewigem and come in 3 different options and various colours.

The Full size Tangle Angel priced at £14.95 or 1 credit if you are a subscriber to Chewigem’s VIC programme.

Cherub which is a travel sized version priced at £13.95 or 1 credit

The gift set which is priced at £22.95 or 4 credits.

For more information or to order your own Tangle Angel please visit the link below.

[AL] Tangle Angel [AL]


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