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Those of you that follow Tourette Tales on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook will know we are huge fans of Chewigem. Faye uses Chewigem products every single day, she looks naked now without a Chewigem necklace. Although I post about Chewigem regularly on social media I have never written a full blog post, Chewigem have expanded so much since I first started using them so it is time to introduce them properly.

George’s first chew, Wave bangle

I first stumbled across Chewigem in 2015. I had been on the lookout for a product to help George with the chewing and biting tics he was experiencing at the time. I tried a few products I found online but they were designed with younger children in mind so weren’t grown up enough for George to feel comfortable using them at school. I found some Gummigem bangles at the Baby Show and liked the bright colours and style, as they were designed for adults to wear. I bought one for George to try. When I looked up Gummigem online I discovered they were the sister site for Chewigem.  Chewigem are aimed at People like George that need products to chew and were designed to be stylish enough for adults and children to wear without being obvious it was anything other than a statement piece of jewellery. They sell a good range of chewable products from necklaces, bangles, even chewable pencil cases in different thicknesses and textures to suit varying chewing and sensory needs. For the full range see the Chewigem website

There is a Chewigem for every outfit.
Jazz Pendant and Miller Heart

We added a few Chewigems to George’s collection over time. Eventually it became clear that Faye would also benefit from her own chews. Faye really took to wearing her Chewigems and started to build a collection so she could match chews to her outfits.

We were over the moon when Chewigem launched their subscription service as it offers such good value. When you subscribe you get one credit each month to be used on Chewigem products of your choice, you can save credits towards larger items if you prefer or purchase additional credits at a discounted rate. You are enrolled in an amazing discount scheme where you can save money on hundreds of every day shops and companies.  If you make good use of the discounts you can save enough money to cover the cost of the subscription.  We have used the Curry’s discount several times to save on the cost of replacing ipads, we have used John Lewis for school uniform discounts. 

One of the best things about Chewigem is the community around it, the whole company is run to make you feel part of an extended family rather than a business.  There are Facebook groups to give advice and support on sensory processing, SEND or general chat and advice and regular podcasts.  There is always a helpful member of staff available to offer advice on products or help with setting up accounts.  With a membership you get access to all of the support groups.  If you want to pause your membership subscription there is an option to switch to a free subscription so you can continue to access the support network. 

More details of the membership options can be found here

Chewigem have recently started stocking sensory items both small and large in their shop and there are new products being added all the time, Faye has sometimes saved up credits and bought a more expensive sensory item when she hasn’t needed any more chews. 

There are far too many gorgeous chews and sensory aids to show you in one post, so  I will post some reviews of our favourite Chewigem chews and sensory products separately.  There are some fantastic weighted blankets being added at the moment and I cannot wait to receive my order so I will do a full review when it arrives.  Faye has a very extensive collection of Chewigems so if there is an item you would like us to review leave us a comment or drop us an email. 


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